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How can one’s attitude possibly have anything to do with success and achievement in life’s endeavours, including sports? If you have skill and talent, isn’t that enough to carry you forward?

As it turns out, no it isn’t. Attitude is everything, and without the ‘right attitude’ all the talent in the world won’t be enough to realize one’s full potential. Talent might help an individual get by without much effort, but so much will be left on the table because of poor attitude.

Attitude is a choice, a state of mind. And if it is a choice, a good attitude rather than a bad one is under one’s control. A teammate with a good and positive attitude can be a role model to others, helping to bring out the best in them. The same is true for the opposite. A negative attitude is often a drag on others, bringing them down rather than lifting them up.

I invite you to read this article on the role attitude plays on the performance on youth in sports. The author, Dr. Jim Taylor, is an authority on the psychology of performance in sports, and discusses two key areas of attitude: the player’s attitude towards competition, and the player’s attitude towards winning and losing.

It’s an interesting read that focuses on the importance of attitude.

Successful athletes view competition as an opportunity to do their best, learning from the experiences of success and failure. It’s about self-improvement, and leading through example.

Through the perspective of positive attitude, a player looks for excellence in performance, not perfection, and realizes that they, their coaches, teammates and officials aren’t perfect. Effort produces its own rewards and lessons.

A positive attitude helps an individual maintain perspective between their sport and other aspects of their life. It produces a holistic approach to activities and relationships, and it encourages respect for others.

Here’s another very interesting article that offers tips to improve attitude in sports, just in case someone asks you. It’s written by Jen Morel and basically says that a positive attitude can improve performance.

“By fostering emotions such as confidence and a sense of humour,” she writes, “you can improve your overall attitude and thus improve your proficiency.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. So the next time someone asks you what attitude has to do with it, just say everything.

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