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Life can be challenging and we can all benefit from a little help from others. But what is it we can do to give ourselves a boost, mentally and physically? The answer lies in sports, an elixir for life.

At Premier Soccer Institute (PSI), we strive to develop the best soccer player and person possible, with structured programming, talented coaching and life mentoring. But it’s more than that. Our purpose is nothing less than to transform youth culture through soccer.

Youth face a mountain of influences, from peer pressure to a flood of messaging and information from social media and Internet sources. Much of it is useful, helpful. Some of it – well, not so much.

Is it about winning? Well, yes of course it is about winning. But that’s not all. The drive towards excellence that may result in winning brings its own victories, in character development and principled behaviour. The mere act of trying to one’s best abilities delivers its own rewards.

This type of development is fostered in a supportive team environment, embodying a positive culture. Life, whether we like it or not, presents its own rules, differing by circumstance, but usually arriving at the same points: what you get out and what you put in are connected in a cause-and-effect relationship. Goals are important, and at PSI we want to develop the life skills and necessary tools youth need to succeed in life.

As mentioned, sport benefits participants mentally and physically. The better you feel physically, the more alert and content one tends to be. Statistics reveal that youth are more engaged in sports than ever before. Soccer fields are filled with teams from clubs, academies and clubs. It not only makes you feel better, it reduces your risk of getting sick, and studies also show youth in sport are less likely to do drugs or smoke.

Finally, sport provides useful life lessons, including the value of just doing the best you can do.

Thanks for reading and be sure to watch for my next blog when I’ll be writing about the importance of having a good attitude.

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