An Early Start to Physical Literacy

Why I’m Launching a Program for Toddlers?


My decision to launch a soccer program for toddlers began with a chance encounter with a coach that had extensive experience working with toddlers. Her enthusiasm about both coaching the game and her involvement in the development of young minds was refreshing. This made me think:  Could I use my experience and knowledge in soccer to help shape both the body and mind of a toddler while also cultivating a life- long love of the “beautiful game”?

For the past few decades I have immersed myself in developing and implementing successful training programs in community clubs for players 4 years of age and older. However; my years involved in sport have also taught me that many of our young children are not physically, mentally or emotionally prepared to enjoy a long-term commitment to their sport. These children are coming in wanting to play a game of soccer but they lack the basic skills in balance, agility and co-ordination.  They want to run but they have not yet learned how to crawl.

I am a Canadian National A licensed coach as well as a Coach Developer for Ontario Soccer.  My idea was to create a program that could grow both healthy body and healthy mind while building confidence in a positive and safe, kid-centred environment.

There are periods of development when children are ready to develop basic skills.  Sports programs need to be designed around these programs to help accelerate training.  This is long term athletic development and it is the philosophy that we integrate in all of our programs at Premier Soccer Institute.

How would I keep the children engaged? The solution is to provide a curriculum that encourages physical activity while building both confidence and motor skills. The program is not competitive in nature, so your child will be able to practice his or her soccer skills in a friendly, stress-free environment. It is a holistic approach to child development focused on creating a positive environment. The difference is that when you enrol your child in a program at Premier Soccer, your child will be provided with the experiences that will promote physical literacy.  It is a fun place, where your child will play, explore, and build connections, but beneath that play they are developing skills.

Tiny Tots is the beginning of the developmental pathway at PSI. Not that you can’t enter PSI programming at any age, but it’s important to start athletic development as early as possible. This will give your child the best opportunity to fulfill their potential.

There is no question that I’m passionate about soccer.   But just as important as the game is to me is my desire to create an environment that will encourage our children to be active and stay active throughout their lives.

Let our Tiny Tot’s Soccer program give your child the opportunity to develop and grow through FUN soccer like games and activities.



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