PSIblog#2 Spring fever (1)

The Cure for Spring Fever



Have you noticed that your child is a little bit more busy the past few weeks?  With the warmer weather and longer days, it may seem like their body just can’t stay still.  So, what is the cure for spring fever?  Getting outside and playing with your child.  After a long winter, their bodies are wanting to move.  So, take advantage of this energy burst and reconnect your child with physical activity.

Make the Outdoors your Playground

Getting active doesn’t require a lot of tools or even playing.  In fact, your backyard can be the perfect playground.  Put on some rubber boots and jump in the puddles, creep through the ground looking for bugs, climb some trees, or simply have a race running up and down the hills.

Think Outside of the Ball

When thinking of ways to get your child moving, follow your child’s lead.  If your child loves balls, bring them out for an impromptu game of soccer or baseball.  However; if you have a mini superhero instead, then why not create a superhero training obstacle course and train with your child to help beat those villains.   Does your child love art? Then develop upper arm muscles through splatter painting, bounce on a bubble wrap dance party, or make your own circus with your child being the performers.   Use your child’s interests to develop fun new ways to move!

Look in the Mirror  

If you’re still struggling to get your child outdoors, take a look at what you are doing. Remember, physical literacy begins at home. So, instead of lounging on the couch after work, throw on some running shoes and get involved with your child’s physical activity.   Play with your children, move with them, but most importantly have fun.

This spring, I challenge you to either create or find physical activities that focus on having fun!  Fun is the best remedy to fight spring fever.  And as an added bonus all of these activities will help provide the foundation for life long athletic development.

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