Who We Are.

Premier Soccer Institute provides a high performance environment for players and coaches to achieve excellence and to inspire passion for the sport of soccer. Within the programs, PSI coaches and staff are committed to giving each participant equal enthusiasm and attention, while presenting players with a positive and rewarding experience.


We exercises teaching methods that are used in advanced soccer nations around the world and tailors specific training programs to suit each individual player based on their needs and goals. PSI’s intention is to encourage players and coaches to reach higher levels while respectively advancing one’s love for the game.

What we teach - Premier Soccer Institute - Simcoe's Best Soccer Academy and Training Programs
Who we are - Premier Soccer Institute - Simcoe's Best Soccer Academy and Training Programs


Our Mission Focus.

We strive to provide an environment of excellence and positivity to effectively nurture and develop soccer players and coaches using a curriculum that encompasses the best practices from leading soccer nations. The intention is to create opportunity for players to move to higher levels and to ultimately establish a lifelong love for soccer.


Our goal is to be the premier soccer development academy in Canada by establishing an unparalleled standard of excellence in skill training and character building while cohesively inspiring passion, respect and dedication for the sport of soccer.


Our Premier Quality

Premier Soccer Institute provides extraordinary programs to effectively develop soccer players and coaches with the goal of creating the most opportunities possible for the individual. We use the following components to ensure excellence on all levels:

Continuous professional development of staff coaches


Home training programs to increase the amount of contact time for the player


Specialized coach development program


A variety of activities so participants are always engaged


PSI coaches and staff care and respect each and every player


Providing opportunity to travel to US/Overseas to gain valuable experience

Instruction and guidance from professional, licensed, qualified coaches


Age and skill appropriate training


Regular testing and feedback of player skills


Canadian and US university exposure for future opportunity


A paramount goal to place players in higher levels of play


Using top quality equipment in all levels (ADIDAS)