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It’s no secret that in order to perform your best, you need to be your best. Premier Soccer Institute provides great player resources to learn and expand on player nutrition, staying injury free and refining your skills. Here you’ll find lots of great information to maintain great performance in your game. Click the headings below on the different insight pages for more in-depth breakdowns of the specific topic.


Nutrition significantly influences athletic performance. An adequate diet in terms of quantity and quality, before, during and after training and competition will maximize performance. Adequate nutritional intake is not only crucial to the health and well-being of athletes but is an essential component for increasing sporting performance. For young athletes in particular, good nutrition is vital for normal growth and maturation before and throughout puberty; and is key in the development of sound dietary habits.


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Injury Prevention

Some football injuries happen just as accidents anywhere: unpredictably and inevitably. But mostly, injuries can be avoided. Make sure you know how. To become a better player, preventing injury is as important as training: you can stay on the pitch and perfect your skills.


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